Miss Spelling

When I was young, I would ask, “How do you spell, *****?” My Dad’s response, bless his little cotton socks, was always, “The Dictionary is in the ¬†sunroom. Go use it.” Ungrateful wretch that I was, my first thought was always, “But I don’t know how to spell the darn thing. How CAN I look it up?”

I have typing dyslexia. In addition, my eye for spelling, and more importantly: misspelling, is horrid. (Although that sentence is demonstrating my lack of skill with punctuation.) Give me a word that looks like, sounds like, is even close to the word I wanted for that spot, and my eye thinks it’s okay, fine and wonderful. And to top that off, lately, when I begin a word that has more than four letters, it seems as though my fingers only get the first three right, and then substitute some alternate word in place of the one that would fit the bill.

I am stumped. No reasonable explanation explains the steady downhill slide of my spelling ability. How do I get past this affliction?

For now I’m using spell check and reading the piece out loud. Any suggestions will be gratefully received! (At least those not involving chalk and repetitive writing…)