Landscaping Mystery Series for Adults

Three Dirty Women and the Shady Acres

(October 2003)

#6 Independent Mystery Booksellers Bestseller list Oct 2003

Korine McFaile’s mother-in-law, Dora, moves in with her due to increasing memory problems. Dora’s latest fixation is to accuse Korine of allowing ‘people’ into their home to move Dora’s things to make her look crazy. Dora is clearly showing the paranoia associated with Alzheimer’s — or is she?

When Dora’s old friend, Olan Taggart, dies under the wheels of Dora’s car in the drive of Shady Acres, Pine Grove’s retirement home, Korine and J.J. find that they are once again embroiled in a murder that strikes too close to home.

Garden Cover PhotoThree Dirty Women and the Garden of Death

(May 2000)

Three friends form a landscaping company, “Three Dirty Women,” and unearth more than they bargained for when the body of a philandering husband turns up in a flower border.

Three Dirty Women and the Bitter Brew Bitter Brew Cover

(April 2001)

Korine and Janey and her husband J.J. travel to Savannah to attend a landscaping conference. Korine takes pot-luck on roommates and winds up with the woman from hell.

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  1. Hello, Julie:

    I knew a bit more about your in your blog. Your life looks very busy having to attend the farm and write your books. Wow! You visited Austin County Jail? What prompted you to do that? Your short story must be very realisting indeed.
    Great to meet you! I hope we can see each other in person one day. Maybe in one or our SCBWI meetings? Are you going to the nation SCBWI conference?
    Ana Maria Rodriguez

  2. Ana:

    Wish I could go to the national conference. I came home really fired-up from the Houston conference. Some really terrific speakers and great energy.

    I come to the Houston SCBWI every month — hope to meet you in person there!

    Good job again on your video promoting your new book, The Iron Butterfly — really intrigued!


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