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Julie Wray Herman lives on a small organic farm outside Houston, TX where she and her ever-patient husband ride herd on the ever shifting population of the farm. At last count they had two retired quarter horse mares, six hens, two cats who desperately want to be fierce hunters but who are indoor-only, and the creature that lurks in the pond. Julie serves as a Chief Horse Management Judge for the United States Pony Clubs and is currently enrolled at Vermont College of Fine Arts to pursue her MFA in Writing for Children and Young Adults. Pronouns: she/her/hers

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  1. Hello Julie,

    I came across your name while looking for some Wray history stuff and I saw Me, or rather You! Since we share a name, a love of gardening, mysteries and chocolate chip cookies, we must be related! I will have to get a copy of one of your books! Sounds intriguing! Happy gardening and writing.

    Some long lost cousin,
    Julie Wray Fowler

    1. Cousin Julie!

      I just found your comment. I love it when long-lost relations find each other. Where is your branch of the Wray family from? Mine was from the Tidewater area of Virginia. Wray is actually my middle name, I got it from my Grandmom, whose mother was a Wray. So you see, I am only a distant cousin, but happy to be found all the same.


      Julie Wray

  2. Dear julie please put your books on kindle so I can read them, my eye sight is so bad I can not see the retinopathy that will. On kindle I can make the lettersbigger. I would love to read the dirty women sites. Thank you please let me know when you do this my e mail brojogrande @aol.com andmyfacebook page is BonnyBerrySovereign.

    1. Bonny: I hope to get those books up on Kindle sometime this year. Working on new material is a higher priority for me, but I’ve had enough requests that it’s getting much closer to getting done.

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