(Under) Ground Cherries

Spending time with my brother in Ithaca is always entertaining. Harold is a long time vegetarian and he and his wife are wonderful cooks. Each time I am with them I learn new ways of preparing food — plainer, simpler, yet yielding more complex textures and tastes.

Ground Cherries on the Counter

Sabrina has a lovely kitchen garden growing outside the back door. A hop, skip and a jump down the steps and you start tripping over greens, tomatoes and ground cherries. Yup. Those same free-to-me ground cheeries I’ve been ripping out of my garden all these years because <sob> I did not know they were edible — no, more than edible, delicious!Tomatillo looking things, these tiny yellow-green spheres pack a delicious whelp of  flavor. I could taste a tomato influence, but the taste was sharper, more More — if that makes any sense. I scarfed up handfuls at a time.


We had burritos one night, a delicious blend of stir fried tofu (Use the extra firm — worth it!) and vegetables, with a dolop of beans to hold it all together. Salsa of the homemade variety would go really well with this. Found an excellent recipe or two for Ground Cherry Salsa through my online search for ways to use this magnificent little vegetable that I am dying to try. I even found a recipe from Mother Earth News for a Ground Cherry Pie. Now that would be interesting.

I’ve been wondering what other wonderful treats I’ve been missing, so am off to do a collection and identification project on my weed collection. I excel in weed production so it would be some kind of wonderful if they all turned out to be as terrific as the ground cherry. Wish me luck.

Happy gardening!


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