Thursday’s Harvest

Since I’m leaving town for a Capital Region Pony Club Rally in Maryland, followed by a visit to Ithaca, NY to see my brother and sis-in-law, followed by my family reunion, followed by the Seven Daughters of Seven Sisters retreat before heading home again. I did a harvest for Paul to remember me by while I’m gone. He’s holding down the home fort, plucking the fruits (and veg) of our labors, and petting/cleaning up after/feeding all the critters. If you’re in Houston and want some tomatoes, this is the week to call!

My secret to prevent stink bug damage to tomatoes? Grow melons next to the tomatoes. They love melon more than they love tomatoes, then spray the melons with garlic/molasses/fish emulsion mix and voila — they all Go Away!
Happy gardening!


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