Freudian Typos

I have an affliction. I type the first three letters of a word and suddenly it goes sideways and I wind up with a word completely unlike that which I started out to use. (This is similar to, but not identical with the syndrome popularized on websites everywhere about the iPhone completion conundrum.)

The worst of these made it into print, when one of my characters gave another a gentile handshake. I know of at least one potential reader who passed on the book based on that alone. Have to say I cannot blame them.

So what other typos are normal?

  1. They’re     There     Their
    • ‘They are’ is shortened to They’re. (Contraction)
    • There is where you want to go. (Adverb indicating direction)
    • Don’t get on their nerves by using the wrong word. (Possessive Pronoun)


  2. Two     Too    To
    • It takes two to Tango. (Number)
    • It is too much if you misuse this word (Adverb)
    • Using poor grammar sends me straight to the moon. (preposition)


  3. Accept     Except
    • I accept your apology for misusing that word. (Verb: to receive)
    • I like everything you said, except that you used the wrong word. (Preposition: but or leaving out)
    • Excepting the fact that you didn’t use soap, you did a good job on washing that pan. (Verb: to leave out)

  5. Already     All Ready
    • I already told you how to tell the difference. (Adverb: by now, even now, or by then.)
    • We are all ready to learn. (Two words meaning ‘All are ready’)

  7. Between       Among
    • Cordelia had to choose between Scott and John.( the ‘tw’ in Between cues you to the fact that it involves two people or things.)
    • Harry choose from among strawberry, chocolate or vanilla. (Used with three or more people or things.)

I could go on, but there are a number of good English Grammar websites out there — these are just some of the examples that plague my own writing.


Happy Writing!


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  1. You know, the gentile handshake is supposed to be secret. We use it like a password to determine whether we’re in the company of our own kind or Other.

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