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By now everyone knows that Pakistan was recently hit by floods which have affected an estimated 62,000 square miles of land, including some of the most productive agricultural land in that country. The farmers in the region lost seed, mature plantings and orchards, and precious planting time.

Yet all is not lost. Floodwaters, once they recede, will leave behind rich new topsoil in which seed will thrive. So although many of the crops once planted there are in ruins, there is hope for the future. Pakistani farmers will need aid from outside the country. Most do not have reserves with which to rebuild. Remarkably, aid from Western countries has been slow in coming to this hard-hit region. We have an opportunity to give directly to family farmers who can then plant, tend, harvest and feed themselves and their neighbors, bringing some measure of self-sustenance and stability back into their lives.

Through Kitchen Gardens International, there is a member-driven initiative to donate seed to family farmers. The following is a quote from a farmer in the affected region outlining what she feels will do well in her area and her mailing address.

Salma Kamal

Farm No 6-B,

Street 11,

Chak Shazad Farms,




If possible ,registered post would be preferable for sure and safe delivery.

Both hybrid and open pollinated will do.As long as they are viable.

Pakistan climatic zone is formed under strong influence of monsoons. The climate of Pakistan is mostly tropical except for the northwestern part where it is subtropical and dry. Following vegetables are grown here.

Carrot,Cauliflower,Cabbage,Chilies,Cucumber,Garli,Onion,Peas,Potato,Radish,Spinach,Sweet Tomato,Turnip,beet root,broccoli,Brussels sprouts,.Button mushroom,Celery,Chinese mushroom,Choongan ( Caralluma tuberculata),Clover ( Sengi),Egg plant,.Pursalane,. Arum.,.(Colocaria esculenta).,Bitter gourd ,Okra, French Bean,Fennel-bulb,Globe Artichoke,pumpkin,Shallot Green,snake gourd.,snake beans.,Water melon,sweet potatoes.

Salma has taken photos of the packages she has received and posted them online. I have a package ready to go. Will post results when I hear from Salma that it has arrived.

Be the change you wish to see in the world

— Ghandi


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