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Es Complicado

WHY CUBA: Most Patient Husband and I just got back from a wonderful National Geographic trip to Cuba. For a woman who spent most of her childhood hiding under her school desk for five minutes once a week in emergency-we-might-get-bombed-by-the-Soviets-who-have-a-toehold-in-Cuba, this was a big deal. We don’t often get to go on big trips like […]

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Sprouting Dirt

I am going to do something I have not done for a long time. I am not ordering seeds from any of my favorite catalogues. This is breaking my heart, but, it is preferable to breaking my neck. Which, it appears, is what I’ve been doing to myself. I am not giving up gardening, only […]

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There is no better reason to garden than my supper this evening. Spaghetti squash, just off the vine. 24 small yellow pear tomatoes, halved. (A fraction of what I picked today.) three cloves of garlic (dug out of hydrator from spring harvest) bell pepper (Picked this afternoon.) salt and pepper to taste (Grocery store)   […]

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Thursday’s Harvest

Since I’m leaving town for a Capital Region Pony Club Rally in Maryland, followed by a visit to Ithaca, NY to see my brother and sis-in-law, followed by my family reunion, followed by the Seven Daughters of Seven Sisters retreat before heading home again. I did a harvest for Paul to remember me by while […]

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Spring is Sprung

I’m about to make Deb jealous again. I started my tomato seeds a few weeks ago and am about to stick the fledgling plants in the ground. Uh-huh. You heard me right. Second week in March. Tomatoes in the ground! You see I garden on the Gulf Coast where the sea breezes coming from 100 […]

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Whirled Peas

“For the love of Pea, won’t you please grow?” This is me, nervously watching, and occasionally verbally abusing, my spring plantings. I’ve currently got potatoes, fennel, cabbage (left from the fall) broccoli (ditto) and brussel spouts (ditto). I know I’ll never see actual edible stuff off that broccoli and brussel sprout plants, but I can’t […]

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To Veg or not to Veg

Had the most wonderful butternut squash enchiladas last night at Bar Annie. It was a lovely night in so many ways — I was out with Jo Ann Fleischhauer, a brilliant artist, John DeMers, a local foodie here in Houston, and my long-time good friend Nancy Galeota-Wozny. I always love meeting new people — I learn so […]

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I grew up in a family rabid about Ohio State Football. I never quite understood how this logically translated into a vegetable eating exhortation, “Julie, eat your spinach like Popeye, so that you can grow up to play football for Woody Hays,” but it was one I often heard. My parents would have been better served […]

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(Under) Ground Cherries

Spending time with my brother in Ithaca is always entertaining. Harold is a long time vegetarian and he and his wife are wonderful cooks. Each time I am with them I learn new ways of preparing food — plainer, simpler, yet yielding more complex textures and tastes. Sabrina has a lovely kitchen garden growing outside […]

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Slow as Molasses

Fire ants hate it. Stink bugs explode from the inside out…And yes, it hits the beneficials as well, but doesn’t linger the way the chemicals do… What is the best secret weapon you can use against insect invasions in your garden? Molassas! The way the expert nurserywoman at RCW Nurseries in NW Houston explained it to […]

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